About Nina
In a career spanning 15 years Nina has had the privilege of working in some of the finest establishments in South Africa, America and England.

Having now settled in the United Kingdom Nina has decided to take the opportunity to share her skills and experience. What strikes Nina about Britain is that people here love the idea of cooking but find themselves intimidated, practically on a daily basis by the latest TV chef, who appears able to whisk up fabulous meals that the average viewer has neither the confidence nor the technique to recreate at home.

"There is no mystery to fabulous cooking. It is simply a matter of learning the appropriate skills which can then be applied to all manner of dishes"

Whether you would like personal tuition, either on a one-to-one basis, or joined by friends in your kitchen, would like to have a private chef for a dinner party, or maybe simply fantastic canapes for a drinks party/reception, you will find something on the appropriate pages.

Nina no longer caters for large functions such as weddings (with the exception of producing canapes) as the personal spark and attention to detail can sometimes get lost.

The Journey So Far

Nina has cooked professionally for 12 years. She started working in restaurants as a waitress for pocket money (as many of us do) when she was fifteen. Nina furthered her career by training to be a professional chef when she was eighteen at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

After receiving her Diploma she started working in prestigious venues like the Victoria and Alfred Hotel and was part of the opening team at the ever popular Marimba Restaurant and Cigar Bar.

Thereafter Nina applied for a position in Florida, in the USA, where she worked in the Admirals Cove Country Club. Nina has been based in London since 2005 and was involved in a large operation dealing with bars, a la carte restaurants, BBQs, hog roasts and weddings, just about everything really.

Nina has just completed an 18 month run as Head Chef at Somerset House in London but has now resigned there to allow her to devote more time to Nina's Kitchen. Her new Head Chef role is in Directors Dining at a City based company which means no more late nights and no more weekends (Yippee!) and this of course allows Nina the freedom to book sessions or to cater for events at your convenience rather than fitting them around the typical Head Chef's schedule.

Nina is also qualified to teach adults having completed a PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) course which is specifically designed for individuals such as Nina who wish to pass on their skill set to an adult audience.